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Triumph 1300 - 162

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This is Dinky getting it right. They get the modelling-engineering-production equation bang-on. This is an almost perfect little car. No wonder they fetch so much money on eBay. I was so lucky to get this one for a very reasonable price. The paint loss is just more than you'd want and there is a jewel missing from one headlamp, but that is being picky. This is one of the best Dinky's ever.

Now the original car - my sister had one and I managed to fail my driving test in it in 1973. I eventually passed in a Herald. It was a beautifully made little car, a true classic and a real departure for Triumph being front wheel drive in a sort of miniature of the Triumph 2000. However they kept using the body shell over and again (with a slightly elongated boot) as the Dolomite and the Triumph 1500, which were both rear wheel drive. My father owned two 1850 Dolomites, thankfully after I had passed my test and these were the cars I drove as a teenager, fast, beautifully made and handled like a dream. True sports saloons. I was so lucky.



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