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Jaguar Mark X Saloon - 142

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The Jag Mk10 was a really exotic car and huge too. There's one parked on the street near where I live - slowly rotting away sadly, but it's taken a few knocks from passing traffic just because it is so wide. I wonder how many people bought them and the couldn't fit them in the garage? Later on Jaguar re-badged this car as the 420G and brought out the 420 which is a hybrid between this and the S Type, in effect it has the same profile as the Mk10, but is a foot narrower. I own a 420 badged as a Daimler Sovereign and even cut down it is still a huge car.

A good opportunity here to put Corgi & Dinky head to head. Corgi go One up because they open the bonnet, Dinky go one-up because their car is more finely modelled - but It's not a case of Corgi winning, but Dinky losing - just look at the way the boot fits on the Dinky - not at all. Time and again Dinky produce fine modelling which is let down by poor engineering standards and bad manufacturing. Look at the way the edges of the moulds are visible on the sides of the car - however owning a version of the real thing - it IS the Dinky that has captured the nature of the car.

Dinky made the car from 1962 to 1968 in pale blue metallic and mid blue metallic, both with red seats. The mid-blue gets a small premium on price. They should have a suitcase in the boot (Corgi had two). There are also some South African issues from 1963 which if mint in their bi-lingual English/Afrikaans boxes are worth serious money. Colours for the SA Jags are: ivory, avocado and pale blue.


Corgi version - for comparison


Dinky - Light Blue Metallic

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