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Disc Harrow - 322/27h


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A real blast from my past this one. I owned one of these a very long time ago, pre 1960, for me this remains a definitive Dinky, this harrow, the Massey tractor and the Hay Rake, where what appeared in my Christmas stocking when I was very small. I've paired it here with the old 1948 Massey Harris tractor which I guess is its best contemporary. however it stayed in production for 22 years, which has to be a big achievement for any toy - 1951 to 1973. The later, white versions had a different shaped draw bar but it was essentially the same implement.

The disc harrow was released first in 1951 as 27h in red with yellow detailing and silver discs. In 1954 it was renumbered 322 and the colours stayed the same. The last run was from 1967 to 1973 when it was either white with red detailing or all white, still with silver discs. The later all-white examples tend to get the best price, followed by the 27h release. The 1964-67 run is the least valuable - but there is really not much in it.


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