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Massey Harris Tractor - 300


This is a model of a Massey Harris tractor from the late forties. In the late fifties the Massey Harris  company merged with Ferguson to make Massey Ferguson. However never mind the fact that late examples of this toy had Massey Ferguson decals this tractor is not and has nothing to do with the Ferguson tractor. Most pictures you will see of this tractor in real life will have crop wheels and look a bit like a three wheeler. They were made and sold on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, Dinky, bless them, kept this antique in the range from 1948 through to 1971, twenty years after the real thing had gone out of production. This is an early example with metal wheels and a metal driver - in later models plastic takes over. I'm pleased with this example, it's really close to one I owned as a small boy in the late fifties / early sixties except that mine and all my friends' ones had either the driver's head broken off, the tow hook, the chimneys or all three, never mind bent axles.

This is a rare survivor.


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