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Sunbeam-Talbot - 38b


This car was not on my shopping list, but I had to have it. It really is very good indeed. It is a model of the pre-war Sunbeam-Talbot 10hp tourer and I just could not resist it. That 10hp tag means that it has a 1000cc engine, probably not that lively to drive, although I did find a full-size one on the internet you can hire for self-drive at 150 a day!

The great Book of Dinky has this one released in the UK in only 1940/41 and then re-released for the States in 1945 where it remained available until 1954. This colourway is identified as being released in 1953, right at the end of the run, and presumably it was originally exported to the US.

According to Ramsay it was sold in the UK from 1940-1949 and for export only from 1950-1955, Ramsay lists 14 colour variations too - all of which are fairly highly priced, and so they should be! Best prices are for the very early releases, red with maroon tonneau and smooth hubs and green/dark green with either smooth or ridged hubs. Overall though it is one of those you have to look up in the books to know just what you have - or even better subscribe to our sister site -


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