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Renault Minicab - 268


The Renault Dauphine Minicab - I really wanted one of these when I was a kid and when I started to collect Dinkys that want came back. This had to be an early acquisition. OK what are the decals? Kenwood food mixers on one side, Meccano on the other, Britax seat belts on the boot and HP Baked Beans on the roof. On the sides of the roof are advertisements for Welbeck Mini Cabs. Until I typed that last sentence, and since this toy came out in 1962 when I was six years old, I had assumed that this was a French, possibly Parisian, taxi. Never mind that the adverts were in English. Now in a moment of epiphany I realise that it is a London minicab from the West End, Welbeck St is just behind Debenhams on Oxford St - it is where Debenhams head office is located.

I only ever knew the Dauphine as a toy and from pictures. No-one in our part of the world had one of these so I never saw a real one. As a consequence I always thought it a little exotic and posh whereas it was actually France's answer to the Morris Minor and a very ordinary little rear engined economy car, no matter this model is fun.


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