page last edited: 28 December 2017

Vauxhall Cresta - 164


Dinky made the Cresta and Corgi made the Velox. The two cars are very similar and I have to thank Wikipedia for helping me out with the difference. Both were pretty swish having big six cylinder engines but the Cresta was the up-market version having two-tone paint, a heater and a clock as well as leather seats. So now you know.

This one pre-dates me. It belonged to one of my older brothers, don't know which one, but it survived because of that bent front axle. As long as I can remember the front wheels have been like that, and because of them it remained in the toy box. I plan to fix it. I have two choices, take the bottom off and straighten it or get a replacement. I think I'll do the latter. - update - since writing this I've straightened out the front axle - but managed to lose a wheel in the process


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