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Ford Zodiac Police - 255


Well, this is the time Dinky got in there first. Four opening doors, never done before and rarely since, but Dinky did it. I actually had two of these, one was bashed to hell and one was OK. I think one disappeared while my nephews had control of the toybox. All I know is there is only this one left now. Maybe if I spot one with the requisite door a restoration may be on the cards.

I know the Ford Zodiac, Zephyr, Executive or whatever it was variously called was a numb article and only really at home as a Police car or in black at the undertakers, but I always had a bit of a soft spot for it. This was the V6 3 litre version which had 136bhp so had a bit of umph, but the 2 litre, 88bhp must have been a slow beast, however at the time it was big and flash and as ever with Ford in the sixties had a bit of style and kitsch while BMC was giving us the 1800 land crab and Vauxhall had the Cresta and Viscount on a similar scale to the Fords, but only the big Fords really cut it.



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