page last edited: 28 December 2017

Military Ambulance - 626


This is a model of the Fordson 4x4 3 Ton Military Ambulance produced by Ford for the Army during the 1950s. If the cab looks familiar, but not Ford-like that is because after winning the military contract Ford did not have a lorry in their range suitable for conversion and had to buy in a cab from the same company that made cabs for Commer and Karrier. Once you know that the resemblance is obvious.  It was also modelled by Matchbox in a smaller scale.

The rear doors open on probably the most over engineered system for any die-cast I've ever seen, not many of these loose their rear doors. The model was produced from 1956 to 1962 and had windows added in 1961.

Versions with windows will fetch a small premium, export versions, distinguishable only by the box having no picture on it, fetch a slightly larger premium.


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