page last edited: 28 December 2017

Rambler Cross-Country Station Wagon - 193


I was so pleased to get this. At first glance it is just another old playworn Dinky model of a turn of the Sixties US barge but as you look closer there is not a thing structurally out of place. This is a toy from nearly 50 years ago which has clearly been well played with, but the roof rack is all there and all that fragile plastic brightwork is still in place. This is very rare. These tend to go for silly money on eBay, because they are both rare to find complete and they are an attractive model.

I picked this up at a toy fair in Slough in September 2008 where there was an awful lot of overpriced and over restored stuff which did not merit a second glance, but careful poking around still finds bargains. This was about a tenner. I've had one go at cleaning it and when you look at the blown up pictures you can see there is still a little more work to be done.


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