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Opel Kapitšn - 177


I don't know much about this car. I guess because we had our own GM brand in the UK, Vauxhall, we didn't see much of the German equivalent, Opel. We did see the Kadett but the more senior officers remained firmly on the other side of the channel. I think it was the Senator which was the first big Opel to come to my attention and once it was rebadged as a Vauxhall Carlton we never looked at it again.

Looking at Wikipedia it seems that the Kapitšn brand lasted from the Forties to the Seventies and that this is generation 6 of 8 from the eraly Sixties. Which feels about right. The later versions look very much like the UK Vauxhall Crestas of the time but back in the Sixties Opel had a very different set of models to Vauxhall, now of course they are all the same and share the same model names.

This is a nice model, typical of the Dinky cars of the time, no working features, but very fine and accurate modelling. I've had a serious go at cleaning it, but it looks like more is needed. Not sure where those decals on the doors have come from, they are surely not original.


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