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USA Police Car - Desoto Fireflite   - 258


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These 'turn of the Sixties' US sedans were done very well by Dinky, they really got the look bang on. This model number did for I think four police cars, the De-Soto, the Ford, the Cadillac and a Dodge.

The De Soto version was made from 1960 to 1961 and was always black with white front doors. The roof beacon is red and the interior can be red or ivory. Values are fairly high and the interior colour does not seem to make a difference to the price.

I bought this at a toy fair in Slough in September 2008 and was very pleased with it, it is a bit playworn and the beacon was broken however when I started to clean it the black came away on the cotton wool. Dinky never used water soluble paint I thought, then realised someone had touched the thing up with a felt tip pen! They had also stuck what appeared to be the end of a red crayon on the beacon hole in the roof! Its not that bad overall and a new beacon is easy enough to source and fit, but someone really had been trying to tart this old car up a bit.


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