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  Jaguar XJ (X350)  

The Jaguar XJ (X350) was manufactured for model years 20032009 as the third generation of the Jaguar XJ saloon carrying the internal designation X350 and the internal designation X358, following its 2007 intermediate facelift. Both the X350 and X358 were available with a six-speed automatic transmission, a range of petrol and diesel engines (V6, V8 and supercharged V8), numerous trim levels and short wheelbase or long wheelbase configurations.

The X350 was noted for its advanced electrical systems, self-leveling adaptive air suspension and full aluminium unibody chassis and bodywork, among the first for a mass-produced car. The bodyshell was 40 per cent lighter and 50 percent stiffer than its predecessor, despite its increased overall size. Styling was a conservative evolution of the previous XJ; its slatted grille recalling the grille of the original 1968 XJ.

The production life of this car more or less coincided with the period when Jaguar was owned by Ford, which was a good thing. I owned a 2006 model diesel V6 2.7 litre and it was a sumptuous car, it had to go though when I started dealing in diecast models, the boot was too small and piling crates on that cream leather back seat was never good. I remember it very fondly, but it was not such a good drive as the S-Type I owned immediately prior to it.

Vanguards VA09100; Jaguar XJ6; Pacific Vanguards VA09101; Jaguar XJ6; British Racing Green Vanguards VA09102; Jaguar XJ6; Nick Gwinnutt- Racing Vanguards VA09103; Jaguar XJ6; XJR; Ebony Vanguards VA09104; Jaguar XJ6; Radiance Red
Vanguards VA09100; Jaguar X350 XJR; Pacific Blue Vanguards VA09101; Jaguar X350 XJ6; British Racing Green Vanguards VA09102; Jaguar X350 XJ6; Nick Gwinnutt Racing Vanguards VA09103; Jaguar X350 XJR; Ebony Vanguards VA09104; Jaguar X350 XJ8 Super; Radiance Red
Not Issued Vanguards VA09106; Jaguar XJ6; XJ Sport, Ultraviolet Vanguards VA09107; Jaguar XJ6; XJR Quartz Vanguards VA09108; Jaguar XJ6; Plated Chrome  
Vanguards VA09105; Jaguar XJ6; Ebony Black Vanguards VA09106; Jaguar X350 XJ Sport; Ultraviolet Vanguards VA09107; Jaguar X350 XJR Quartz Vanguards VA09108; Jaguar X350 XJR; Plated Chrome  

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